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Lucky Elephant Charm – 925 Sterling Silver


This is the perfect charm for any strong powerful person.
Elephants are the symbol of strength and power and this majestic elephant will bring you luck and happiness.
The 925 sterling silver elephant has got a beautiful pink zircon on the forehead for extra charm and prosperity and the vibrant red on the back makes it such a cheerful cutie.

Tree of Life Bead Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


This Beautiful round bead charm is so beautifully designed with the perfect mix of 925 sterling silver, cheerful green enamel and emerald green leaf shaped zircons. It’s smart, symbolic and meaningful and would keep reminding you of your growth, strength and beauty.
This is a gorgeous match to out Tree Of Life ring.

Tree of Life Ring- 925 Sterling Silver


The tree of life is the symbol of personal growth, strength and beauty. This gorgeous tree of life ring is made of 925 sterling silver and is an open adjustable ring so easy and comfortable to wear.

Tree of Life Stud Earrings- 925 Sterling Silver


These gorgeous heart shaped earrings holding the tree of life within them and embellished with bright cheerful zircons bring joy and happiness to everyday life. They are made of 925 sterling silver and represent personal growth, strength and beauty.