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Fun Colorful Skateboard Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


This cool, fun and sporty pendant charm is made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with bright cheerful enamel to make it look even cooler. This is a lovely reminder of fun summer days.

Modern Minimalist Ring- 925 Sterling Silver


beauty is in simplicity! And this simple modern ring is perfectly beautiful. This unique 925 sterling silver plated gold ring looks gorgeous on fingers.

Pet’s Footprint Adjustable Rings- Sterling Silver 925


Two other perfect Items for Animal lovers. These cute rings are made of authentic 925 sterling silver. If you like it sparkly you can go for the one embellished with the brilliant bright zircon and if you prefer it simple you can pick the simple heart and paw ring. Both are adjustable and flexible to be worn on any finger.

Seashell Love Necklace- 925 Sterling Silver


It’s casual but chic, sporty but elegant, simple but colourful, it’s just such a lovely necklace. A 925 sterling silver choker necklace embellished with beautiful bright zircons and cute seashells to reminds one of bright summer days and sea vibes.

Starfish Ring- 925 Sterling Silver


Summer is here and it’s sea season.
With this adorable starfish ring get the summer vibes all around the year.
This open adjustable ring is made of 925 sterling silver embellished with a beautiful blue zircon in the middle.It’s simple, modern and perfect for sea lovers.

Stars, Flowers or Snowflakes European Murano Glass Charm – 925 Sterling Silver


These beautifully designed 4 season charms are so unique and special.
The gorgeous combination of 925 sterling silver and Murano glass make it such a perfect accessory for every taste.
They fit most charm bracelets & bangles and compliment any look from office chic to sporty and funky.

Swimming Ring (Happy Circle)- 925 Sterling Silver


This fun 925 sterling silver necklace is embellished with clear white and blue zircons. It’s gorgeous and lovely bringing good childhood memories alive and is a perfect accessory for aqua lovers.

The Starry Night (The Sea of Stars) Earring- 925 Sterling Silver


These beautiful earrings made of 925 sterling silver ring embellished with beautiful blue enamel and plated gold stars are a lovely reminder Van Gogh’s The Starry Night