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Circle of Stones Ring – 925 Sterling Silver


This is a perfect item for elegant ladies looking for a chic and practical ring to wear every day and everywhere.
This comfortable and beautiful ring is made of genuine 925 Sterling Silver embellish with clear Zircon stones.

Daisy Flower & Infinity Love Ring – 925 Sterling Silver


Love, romance, beauty, elegance and cuteness all gather together in this beautiful ring and if that is not enough look for the final touch inside the ring. It doesn’t get any better than this.
This 925 Sterling silver embellished with zircon stones and daisy flowers makes any occasion unforgettable.

Dancing Bee Ring – 925 Sterling Silver


When looking for a gift for a queen go for a dancing queen bee! A fun cute way of showing your appreciation for all she does!
This bright beautiful ring is made of 925 Sterling Silver, crystal and honey orange Zircon stones shining gracefully.

Heart Ring – 925 Sterling Silver


simplicity, beauty and romance in an circle of hearts!
This lovely ring is made of 925 Sterling Silver. It’s the perfect symbol of endless love.

Lucky Clover Ring – 925 Sterling Silver


This is the perfect ring for anyone with a unique taste in jewelry.
It’s chic, elegant and one of a kind.
The beautifully designed ring is made of 925 sterling silver and each lucky clover petal on it is embellished with the most beautiful turquoise zircon stone that gives it a unique look.

Star Trail Ring- 925 Sterling Silver


Wish someone beautiful starry nights with this lovely ring.
This star ring is made of 925 Sterling Silver. The mass finishing process and the effect round the edges adds to it’s shine and beauty.

Wish Ring – 925 Sterling Silver


She simply loves rings and you can hardly find her any unique one anymore? Get this different and beautiful set of rings for the queen of rings!
All three of the rings are made of 100% 925 Sterling Silver. To make the set even more stylish one is simple, one with stone effect and one with clear water drop Zircon stones.