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Cute Blue Crab Earrings- 925 Sterling Silver


The cutest crab earrings are here, they are bright and cheerful and can always make your day. If you are a real colour-lover then you can match them with our Lovely Purple Crab charm to make your look more fun and bright. These earrings made of 925 sterling silver and being embellished with a lovely blue zircon and tiny sparkling white eyes sparkles beautifully. They are simply amazing.

Jellyfish Pendant Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


A jellyfish is one of the most beautiful and glorious underwater creatures and luckily enough now you can have one following you around every day, all day long. This utterly gorgeous jellyfish pendant charm is made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with beautiful blue zircons and is chic, elegant and adorable.

Light Blue Murano Glass Bead Charm – 925 Sterling Silver


This gorgeous, lovely bead charm has the feel of peace and tranquility of the sea, warmth of beach sand and satisfaction of calm, leisurely summer holidays.
The marvelous mix of 925 sterling silver and beautiful sea blue Murano glass bead embellished with cute sea creatures makes it the perfect charm for sea lovers.

Little Blue Whale Bead Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


This cute happy chubby whale with the most adorable smile is made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with beautiful baby blue enamel to become even more charming and friendly. If you’re looking for a different and unique charm this is the perfect one for you.

Orange Summer Crab Pendant Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


This cute summer crab with its cheerful orange colour looks so radiant and energetic that can make your day any time, any season. It’s made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with joyous bright orange enamel and brilliant clear zircons to dazzle and sparkle even more.

Pearl in Shell (Legend of the Sea) pendant Charm- 925 Sterling silver


This is one of the most charming pieces of accessories you can ever find, the perfect mixture of pearl, zircon, baby blue enamel embellishing the authentic 925 sterling silver beautifully makes this piece such a unique and desired one. All the details, the lovely blue on the outside, the brilliant clear zircons sparkling on the inside and on the hanging loop makes it so beautiful and dazzling.