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Angel ‘n’ Devil\ Guardian Angel Stud Earrings- 925 Sterling Silver


Angel or devil? It doesn’t really matter because with these cute earrings you can have you pick!
These Naughty earrings and so nicely designed with that would steal anyone’s heart. Each on has a lovely heart shaped clear zircon is the center surrounded by pretty 925 sterling silver details. These are fun, fiery and fascinating.

Bat & Red Zircon Blood Droplets Bead- 925 Sterling Silver


When one’s too cute too be creepy! 😀 This cute little bat with a heart of zircon carrying a blood droplet is made of 925 sterling silver to make your Halloween.

Coffee Bead Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


This cute romantic cup of coffee is a perfect one for all the coffee lovers or anyone who’s dearly loved.
Made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with a beautiful brown enamel and a gorgeous heart shaped red zircon in the center there’s a feel of warmth and coziness to it.

Endless Love Bead Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


Best way to remind her every day that you’ll love her forever! This cute bead charm is made of 925 sterling silver, the beautifully shaped heart is embellished with little red enamel hearts and a hanging infinity symbol to represent the forever love. It’s a very pretty and romantic must have.

Fall in Love Open Ring- 925 Sterling Silver


Like the name suggests anyone would instantly fall in love with this pretty ring. This utterly gorgeous open ring with its unique design is actually a two in one as you can wear it two ways; heart on the finger and arrow on the back or the other way around. Being embellished with brilliant, shiny and beautiful zircons this 925 sterling silver adjustable ring will be bright and perfect either way.

Fresh Cherry Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


This cute cherry charm is a reminder of warm sunny summer days. It’s made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with cheerful green enamel and beautiful clear red zircons to make the most perfect cherries you have ever seen.

Girls Night Out Charm – 925 Sterling Silver


Love partying? Love the glamorous girls night out? Or simply love gorgeous stuff? Then this charm is for you.
Red shoe, mirror and red lipstick, it doesn’t get any better than that.
Order this bright and beautiful 925 sterling silver charm of 3, put it on your bracelet and get ready to party hard.

Hot Chocolate Bead Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


Something sweet to warm your heart on cold winter days. This cute charm is made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with cheerful red enamel to add colour and energy to your everyday.