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Cherry Blossom Charm – 925 Sterling Silver


Be romantic on cherry blossom season and every other one!
This lovely charm has the perfect combination of clear white, pastel pink and red (dark pink) embellishing the 925 sterling silver. And adds beauty, charm and spring vibes to everyday.

Infinite Pink Love Earrings – 925 Sterling Silver


Show your infinite love loud and clear to the one and to the world with this beautifully designed earrings made of 925 sterling silver and gorgeous heart shape pink zircons.

Pink Ladybug Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


What can possibly be better than a gorgeous ladybug following you everywhere all day long?
The combination of clear white, pale and bright pink stones together is just magical and then being complemented with 925 sterling silver makes it even better.

Pink Ladybug Pendant Necklace- 925 Sterling Silver


This is for all of you who loved our gorgeous ladybug charm, now you can match it up with this chic, amazing necklace.
This 925 sterling silver ladybug embellished with the most beautiful clear white, baby and bright pink zircons is the prettiest one even seen. Pink, feminine and cute it’s the most romantic gift for any lady that you truly love.

The Ladybug Stud Earrings- 925 Sterling Silver


Another great surprise for our ladybug fans; wear these gorgeous earring with the matching necklace and bead charm and feel cuter that ever.
These lovelies made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with the most brilliant clear white and pink zircons will bring you joy, smiles and happiness.