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Blue Starfish with Pearl Stud Earrings- 925 Sterling Silver


Fun, cute and beautiful with sea blue vibes and summer feel, these gorgeous starfish earrings are made of 925 sterling silver and more beautified by brilliant blue zircons. The pearl is the final touch to the sea feel perfection.

Legend of Mermaid Necklace-925 Sterling Silver


This lovely necklace is perfect for dreamy sea lovers. A beautiful pearl, a pretty mermaid and a beautiful seashell; these 3 elements would win any sea lover’s heart. The combination of 925 sterling silver and pearl makes it so dreamy, adorable and desirable.

Mermaid Pearl Tear (Tear’s of a Mermaid)- 925 Sterling Silver


This ultimately gorgeous 925 sterling silver adjustable ring is marvelously embellished with the combination of pearl and beautiful blue zircons making it the perfect mix of elegance and cool vibes of summer and sea.

Mermaid Pearl Tear Charm(The Mermaid Tail)- 925 Sterling Silver


This gorgeously lovely mermaid tail charm is feminine, classy and beautiful. The pendant charm is made of 925 Sterling silver and embellished with brilliant lovely blue zircons. The quality shell pearl adds to the elegance as the final touch.

Mermaid Pearl Tear Cuff (Mermaid’s Tear)- 925 Sterling Silver


This unique bracelet cuff is feminine, classy and elegant. Embellishing the 925 sterling silver with brilliant blue zircons and a graceful pearl gives the cuff a lovely summery feel with cool sea vibes.

Pearl Hot Air Balloon Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


Trying to win someone’s heart? Planning a romantic trip? Going on your honeymoon? Want to show her your endless love? Mean to tell her how precious she is? This is your perfect pick.

This gorgeous hot air balloon holding a pretty pink pearl within itself and having another golden one hanging to it bringing the message of love to your loved one.

It’s made of 925 sterling silver and is cute and romantic.

Pearl in Shell (Legend of the Sea) pendant Charm- 925 Sterling silver


This is one of the most charming pieces of accessories you can ever find, the perfect mixture of pearl, zircon, baby blue enamel embellishing the authentic 925 sterling silver beautifully makes this piece such a unique and desired one. All the details, the lovely blue on the outside, the brilliant clear zircons sparkling on the inside and on the hanging loop makes it so beautiful and dazzling.