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I Love Mom with a pink heart- 925 Sterling Silver


Don’t wait for an especial occasion to make your mom’s day, cause with this cute, gorgeous pendant charm any time is a great time to make her happy.

This brilliant charm with the most beautiful message is made of 925 sterling silver and to make it even more perfect there’s this adorable heart embellished with beautiful dark pink zircons.

Mom Pink Heart Charm – 925 Sterling Silver


Valentine’s day is not just for lovers, it’s a day to express your affection and admiration for anyone you care about.
This beautiful 925 Sterling Silver charm with gorgeous pink hearts is the perfect gift to express your love and gratitude towards your mum.
The high quality Zircon stones make this charm as mesmerizing and shiny as a mum’s heart.

Mom’s Heart- 925 Sterling Silver


We present to you the most perfect gift for any loving mom. This gorgeous bicolour 925 sterling silver charm is embellished with a beautiful clear message, clear white zircons, and one pink zircon representing the affectionate love of a mother and child.
The cute little hearts all around the bead charm makes it even prettier.

Owl Mom and Baby (The Mother Owl) Bead Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


Another super cute mother and baby charm. This adorable bead charm is made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with brilliant clear blue zircons as those big gorgeous and curious eyes. This charm is simply irresistible and all those little details such as the tiny little feathers and all make it even more desirable.