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Halloween Witch Hat- 925 Sterling Silver


This cute funny charm is perfect for Halloween; a 925 Sterling silver witch hat embellished with stars and brilliant zircons to make Halloween exciting and magical.

Magic Lamp- 925 Sterling Silver


your wish is granted!
Get this cute magic lamp and start wishing
Magic Lamp is the symbol of life, light of divinity, wisdom,intellect, and good work. Also a symbol of self-sacrifice, as it consumes itself to offer light to the world…
This gorgeous gold lamp is made of 925 sterling silver and grants you a smile every time you look at it

Magic Witch Pendant Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


Here comes a cheerful witch making Halloween colourful and amazing; this cute witch flying on its broom is made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with vivid purple enamel, stars and glitter. This is a magical, mysterious and unique charm.