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Blue Fish Tail Bracelets- 925 Sterling Silver


This very chic and elegant link and chain bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver. The chain has a wonderful wave pattern design embellished with beautiful shining zircons making it a lovely reminder of the sea sparkling under summer sun. The beautifully shaped fishtail handing to it adding to its gorgeousness is also made of 925 sterling silver covered with beautiful clear sea blue zircon. This is unique, eye catching and perfect for sea lovers.


Blue Mermaid Tail Earrings(Blue Fishtail)- 925 Sterling Silver


The perfect earrings for all the dreamy girls; cute mermaid tail. These gorgeous sea blue earrings are made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with beautiful blue zircons to bring the sea and summer vibes to everyday of every season.

Mermaid Pearl Tear (Tear’s of a Mermaid)- 925 Sterling Silver


This ultimately gorgeous 925 sterling silver adjustable ring is marvelously embellished with the combination of pearl and beautiful blue zircons making it the perfect mix of elegance and cool vibes of summer and sea.

Mermaid Pearl Tear Charm(The Mermaid Tail)- 925 Sterling Silver


This gorgeously lovely mermaid tail charm is feminine, classy and beautiful. The pendant charm is made of 925 Sterling silver and embellished with brilliant lovely blue zircons. The quality shell pearl adds to the elegance as the final touch.

Mermaid Pearl Tear Cuff (Mermaid’s Tear)- 925 Sterling Silver


This unique bracelet cuff is feminine, classy and elegant. Embellishing the 925 sterling silver with brilliant blue zircons and a graceful pearl gives the cuff a lovely summery feel with cool sea vibes.

Silver Mermaid Tail Anklet- 925 Sterling Silver


Sexy and feminine; this gorgeous anklet is made of 926 sterling silver. The mermaid tail has a wonderful shape and the beautiful baby blue zircon add to the shine and glamour. This anklet has the lovely feel of summer and refreshing sea vibes. Wear it and feel like a mermaid.