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Blackcurrant (Mysterious Garnet) – 925 Sterling Silver


Unique, Elegant and mysterious! And you can never go wrong with such a combination.
These gorgeous dangle earrings are made of 925 sterling silver and garnet beads and that powerful colour contrast gives it such a glamorous beauty.

Colorful Ear Clip- 925 Sterling Silver


The perfect pair of earrings for those daring people who love to look different and stand out. Made of environment friendly copper and embellished with beautiful rhinestones these look gorgeous, daring and different.

Cutest Baby Turtle (Newborn Turtle) Charm – 925 Sterling Silver


Are you ready for the cutest charm ever? This baby turtle coming out of its pretty shell is cuteness overloaded. This gorgeous bead charm is made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with beautiful blue zircons. This is so smartly designed and the little cracks and blue zircons on the egg just make it complete an add so much to the beauty.

Elegant Green Turtle Pendant Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


A lovely charm for turtle lovers. This elegant and graceful is made of 295 sterling silver and embellished with the most beautiful emerald green and white zircons. Every cute detail; the tiny tail, those little feet, sparkling eyes… make this hanging charm so perfect and lovable.

Geometric Art Earrings- 925 Sterling Silver


These beautifully designed earrings are utterly adorable, made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with brilliant cheerful zircons they can charm their way into anyone’s heart. Wear them have some serious fun.

Geometric Art Ring- 925 Sterling Silver


This absolutely gorgeous ring is so adorable no one can actually resist it. It’s made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with the brightest zircons. The arrangement of those add up to smart beauty of the design.

Gift with Bow Earrings- 925 Sterling Silver


These amazingly gorgeous earrings are so cute, feminine and irresistible, so if you’re planning to steal her heart away, give her these romantic pink hearts with those beautiful bows. These cute funky bows are made of 925 sterling silver, embellished with super pretty clear baby pink heart shaped zircons.

Gift with Bow Ring- 925 Sterling Silver


This gorgeous ring with a funky whimsical bow and a pretty pink heart hanging from it is made of 925 sterling silver. The brilliant baby pink gem is a charming high quality zircon. This is just the perfect piece of jewelry; cute, classy and romantic!