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Bee, Daisy & Starfish Charm Bangle – 925 Sterling Silver


Looking forward to impressing a nature lover?
Make a statement with this marvelous bee, daisy and starfish charm bangle. This trendy item made of 925 Sterling Silver beautifully embellished with high quality yellow Cubic Zirconia stones can be worn alone, with added charms or replaced with others. Get this brilliant theme designed charm bracelet today!

Daisy Flower & Infinity Love Ring – 925 Sterling Silver


Love, romance, beauty, elegance and cuteness all gather together in this beautiful ring and if that is not enough look for the final touch inside the ring. It doesn’t get any better than this.
This 925 Sterling silver embellished with zircon stones and daisy flowers makes any occasion unforgettable.

Radiant Pink Daisy Flower Charm – 925 Sterling Silver


Looking for a gorgeous delicate gift for a loved one?
This is the perfect gift for any women at any age. She can use this radiant charm as a necklace or bracelet and would love it either way.
This cute round charm is made of 925 Sterling Silver and the combination of the pink and white zirconia stones, butterfly and flowers and the little heats round it makes it a lovable romantic item.

Twisted Daisy Ring (Daisy’s Song)- 925 Sterling Silver


This gorgeous cute ring with crowns of daisies embellished with brilliant beautiful yellow zircons is just irresistible. It’s made of 925 Sterling Silver and those little leaves add up to it’s beauty.