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Cat Couple Pendant Necklace – 925 Sterling Silver


If you both are cat people, if you have 2 or more sweet cats at home or if you simply enjoy cute thing this is just the perfect choice.
The 925 Sterling silver couple cat pendant necklace will make your days joyful and bright.

Cute Cat Gem Bead-925 Sterling Silver


This cute cat is made of 925 sterling silver and a beautiful blue zircon. The romantic details like the little hearts on the silver and the stars within the stone make it just so lovable.

Cute Cat Pendant Necklace– 925 Sterling Silver


This adorable cat necklace is a sure way of chaining a cat lover’s heart to yours.
This gorgeous 925 Sterling silver cat will defiantly win her heart.

Cute Cat Stud Earrings – 925 Sterling Silver


The cutest earrings for a cat lover!
These adorable delightful cat stud earrings are made of authentic 925 Sterling silver and will melt any cat lovers heart instantly.