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Infinity Blue Crystal Charm – 925 Sterling Silver


This round sea blue charm has got a calming sense of peace and harmony to it.
The beautiful combination of 925 sterling silver and the blue crystal adds a sense of mystery and there’s also an antique feel to it.
This fashionable unique charm can be used as a necklace or bracelet to complete any feminine look.

New Vintage Letter Alphabet A to Z Charms – 925 Sterling Silver


Fancy wearing the first letter of your name, or your love’s name or even your kid’s names? Like to hang words like on your bracelet?
Go for these vintage letter alphabets and get creative!
Made of 925 sterling silver each and every one of them is beautifully designed and embellish with zircon stones which add to the shine and beauty.

The Secret Fruit Charm- 925 Sterling Silver


What can top an elegant gift box hiding a secret fruit within?
This gorgeous pendant charm is made of 925 sterling silver embellished with beautiful designs on the outside and hiding the most beautiful heart shaped deep pink zircon inside to make it look antique and romantic.