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“I Love My Family” Heart Charm – 925 Sterling Silver


Fri(end), girlfri(end),boyfri(end), bestfri(end); everything comes to an end except for fam(ily) which always ends in “I Love You”.
If you want to display your love for your most important blessing, here’s the most adorable way to do it.
Our 925 Sterling Silver I Love My Family Dangle Charm with the cute pink heart will express your feelings to the world in the loudest yet very classy way.

Bicycle “Love” Pendant Charm – 925 Sterling Silver


Best gift for a bicycle lover; cute, colourful, and simply lovely.
This classy bike is made of 925 Sterling Silver and shiny cheerful Zircona stones in beautiful pastel colours that make it so lovely and irresistible and the cutest heart as the perfect final touch.
It fits most bracelets and necklaces and is a brilliant add to any charm collection.

New Vintage Letter Alphabet A to Z Charms – 925 Sterling Silver


Fancy wearing the first letter of your name, or your love’s name or even your kid’s names? Like to hang words like on your bracelet?
Go for these vintage letter alphabets and get creative!
Made of 925 sterling silver each and every one of them is beautifully designed and embellish with zircon stones which add to the shine and beauty.