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Summer Ocean- 925 Sterling Silver


This beautiful classy necklace has a wonderful summer vibe to it. Looking at it reminds one of the magical sandy beaches, cool sea breezes, wave sounds and peaceful blues.
It’s made of 925 sterling silver and embellished with gorgeous blue enamel and brilliant clear white zircons.

Swimming Ring (Happy Circle)- 925 Sterling Silver


This fun 925 sterling silver necklace is embellished with clear white and blue zircons. It’s gorgeous and lovely bringing good childhood memories alive and is a perfect accessory for aqua lovers.

The Maple Leaf Pendant Necklace- 925 Sterling Silver


Have a crisp autumn maple leaf round your neck all year long. This fantastic looking autumn leaf; made of 925 sterling silver, wonderfully designed, gorgeously shaped, beautifully embellished with autumn colour enamel and detailed with outstanding silver veins is perfect for all the autumn lovers.

Vintage Butterfly Pendant Necklace- 925 Sterling Silver


Another beautiful piece for Halloween; This platinum-plated vintage butterfly is full of texture; decorated with black zircon in the center and engraved with roses and cobwebs on the wings. Made of 925 Sterling Silver and embellished with beautiful black zircons this necklace is truely unique, mysterious and popular.